Different Backgrounds For Different Pages of Same Site

Do you know, you can set different backgrounds for different pages of your site ?

And it is as simple as adding just one line to your Header Code.
All upgraded themes feature four page types. Learn how to put these new page types to the right use.
Weebly Templates page now features Demos of the New upgraded themes by Weebly.
All Four page types are presented and you can seem them in action before deciding on a suitable theme for you.
Free Slide Headers and Rotating Banners for Weebly Sites. 
Here is how you can enable Facebook Comments Plugin for your Weebly Blog Post. To enable Facebook Comments for Weebly Blog Post, find the 'permalink' of the blog post. That forms the basis for commenting. Check the article at Weebly Forums about how to enable Facebook comments for Weebly Blogs.
You may have noticed that this Blog page has no side bar. The entire page width is used for your blog post. This can be beneficial for many situations. Its great for presenting information along with pictures and helps with reduced scroll lengths. Ofcourse, side bars have their own advantages. But if your situation demands the need to use full page width for Blog post, then this is for you. Read More ...
Please check us back again. More free templates are going to be added as they become available. There will be more free template providers. If the templates provided by Weebly does not match your needs, some of the themes here should help. If you come across free templates customized to work for Weebly, please let us know.